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Tips for newbies

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edit : Some informations given by tokkie are in too, thanks to him.
edit : Some informations given by Jarekxxx are in too, thanks to him.

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Hello !
Just some tips for new players so i won't really speak a lot about diamons and other things like that. English is not my first language but i hope everybody will understand.

You're welcome to correct me if i said mistakes or write your tips at the end of this post.

There is only 3 real things important in this game : your main, your mount, your angels.

Mount :

* Upgrade your mount with soulstone and bless stone in priority, heroes are really not that good. If you can, try to keep 2250 soulstones and 600 bless stones for events that permit to obtain half of the soulstones/bless stones used.
* Mount have glamour : which mean the more mount you have, the better you'll be. Try to make feast if you are vip each day to obtain the stallion, or participate to guild members' feast. Remember to do your loop quests too. Notice that it's same for costume/wings for main : the more costumes/wings you have, the more br you win.

Angel :

* Do each day the hot event with angel tears, try to keep some to be able to do it tomorrow too. Maximize the experience of the angel you wanna deploy first. If you can, keep 200 angel tears in hand, for the event that permit to obtain half of the angel tears used.
* Buy each angel as soon as you can in arena shop. You'll have an utility for all of them if you are not vip. If you are vip, maximize lunaria, take all the angels but up boddicea after lunaria in priority.
* NEVER inherit. You have no use of this function at beginning. When you have a new angel you wanna deploy, up it with angel tears, take your time. Inherit delete the points in evolve bottle. Inherit make you loose your crystals. Inherit is evil. So only inherit after you can make guardians, to not do mistakes.
* When you have finish your loop quests, blitz dungeons that give crystal. At beginning you'll have few crystal, so blitz will permit you to obtain what you need. With that you can keep your dragon crests to buy seraph stones.
* Up to one star all your best angels when you can evolve (so forget nocturna). Up your angel deployed  to 4 stars after that, and your others angels to 3 stars. After that, you can choose to focus on your angel deployed and your second better angel that will go on your main for guardian.
* Buy with dragon crests 5 cherubstones level 2 when you are 50. Wait for event to obtain better cherubstones.
* Don't forget to do whorships each day if you can !!!! That permit you to buy buffs for all your party. Buy thoses for 5 days, others are not interesting.

Main :

* Make Enchant gems at 1 star on each of your heroes and after that focus on main at least to obtain level 2 one star.
* For runestones : at least deblock level 1 of greaves to obtain the angel resistance before up a bit the runestones of heroes. Try to keep 4000 runestones at least for event.
* For enhance : try to always have the equipment of your main at the maximum + it can be. Like i said before, main is important, not heroes, so that's okay if heroes equipment is at +0 but not main. Remember to maximize the enhance before upgrading the equipment. Example : i wanna craft level 40 equipment so i make my level 20 equipment at the maximum + he can be. If you don't do that you'll loose money because when you upgrade an equipment it lose some enhance. So that will cost you a lot more to upgrade it to the maximum +.
* For enchant : make all your main stuff at +2, the heroes after that at +1, main at +3, etc. +3 begin to cost a lot. If you can chose, focus first on ring and helmet.
* Up fast your intimacy with a guildmate and marry him or her. Buy with vouchers the first ring when you can, even if you don't wanna propose in few time. Ring give stats to the main even if you are alone. Marrying will permit you to make valentine feast and to up a tree in your garden which give love crystal. Love crystal permit to up stats too.
* Up your emblem to level 6 fast. It's cheap and give a lot of stat. You can buy emblem with guild points so find a guild. Remember that the level of guild does not mean anything, like battle rating. All guild have their benefits. Big guilds mean more talk, more little bonus each day but less rewards in one of guild events if you find good little guild. Remember too that we are all humans ; bad guild exist everywhere. You'll need to move a bit maybe before find the guild you really wanna be in.
* For dragonsoul : match the elements with your main, try to unlock the skill first. After that unlock the skill on each hero. After that again, up the dragonsoul of main in priority.
* If you count use a bit of diamons : buy the bigger wings and bigger costume in shop you can. After that, the two mounts are interesting and the little wings.
* Open the gems slots of your main in priority. And after that the ones of the heroes. Make gems level 3 to all, and focus after on main to make him level 5 gems. Attention : don't use your synth scroll before level 5 gems. You'll have a lot of gems to create and if you use synth scroll before level 5 you'll have really really some problem with it when a bit bigger.

Heroes :
* Buy fast 4 heroes, the 4 you wanna. When you are able to buy her; buy djinni to change your baddest hero. She will help you in a lot of things (zodiac, spire, etc). After that keep your money for level 61 heroes : i name here ruby heroes. Do not buy other topaz heroes. It's a loss of money, really. Some take too neither knight because that's a really great tank for his cost, here it's your choice, but that will make your first ruby hero later if you take djinni + neither.
* Use bless stones on heroes only after up a bit your mount. Mount >>>>>> heroes. So let's say up your mount +6 before make your heroes +3. Same go for soulstones, try to up your mount to odin before up a bit the heroes.
* Keep if you can the upgrade of heroes for when there is a hot event "hero upgrade", that will permit you to obtain more seraph stones for your angels.
* Use drills the more you can. Keep your timeskip scroll. You'll use them when you'll rebirth heroes. Rebirth make your hero loose 20 levels but obtain 10 level of stat. So do not rebirth before a world boss or gauntlet. Do it when you have time and a drill slot ready. Let's take an example : your djinni is 55. You rebirth her she is now 35 but have the stat of a djinni 45. So you'll need to pass her 45 with drills and scroll.
* When you obtain a new hero or rebirth one, remember to do 4-5 blitz before drills. That will permit them to obtain some levels if you make them in team.
* ATTENTION : a rebirth hero will continue to have equiped his stuff, even if he have not anymore the level needed for it. But if you make him naked, you'll not be able to equip it back to the hero before he have again the level needed. Let's take an example :
Djinni is 60. I rebirth her for second time so she pass 40. But she had conquest stuff on her ! She keep it, ouf. But i decide to change her stuff with main stuff who is in conquest too... Oooh i can't equip anymore my djinni, that's sad.
* Focus on your better hero to up his element to level 3 and do another after. Try to keep at least 600 elements for events.

Daily events and events :

* Keep your vouchers for wager on domination and to buy shards of wing. If you don't gain more than 500 vouchers each day, few events are interesting. Angel quizz is interesting, cross tornament wagers too. Djinni merchant may be interesting if you plan to keep the daric in your pocket the time to have the one needed to buy a mount or a costume.
* Do 3 cross server war each day to obtain chests and vouchers. Buy fashion core in priority with your cross server points.
* Do your loop quests and all the hot event you can each day.
* Plant in garden, the more you can, chase bugs too.
* Try to always finish your matchs in arena before 18.00. That will permit you to have a new map for arena the next day.
* Try to play your clash of might just before midnight. Like that you'll maybe be better ranked. ;)
* Play in guild event the more you can. That give a lot of money.
* Keep some dragon crests for tycoon : that will permit you to buy seraph stones and do points in it.
* Event like wheel or house of cards give vouchers to play. Keep them for some months. With patience you can obtain a big thing.
* Try to beat the zodiac fast. The more you do, the better your angel will be. Try to keep at least 1250 shards for events.
* Same with spire. Try to keep 4000 runestones at least for event.

Others :

* Please do not make magic attack gems or dragonsouls on warrior !!!! A lot do the mistake. Magic attack for a warrior or physical attack for a mage give br, but it's useless br.

nice guild


Thanks for putting this up. I'm sure a lot of people find this useful including myself.


With pleasure, if you have questions, we are all here to help.


Nice Isha   


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Others :

* Please do not make magic attack gems or dragonsouls on warrior !!!! A lot do the mistake. Magic attack for a warrior or physical attack for a mage give br, but it's useless br.

You lost me on that part and it depends on the skill you use, I know as a Sorc, Shock Therapy and Wall of Fire is ATK based so it counts PATK and MATK into it

depending what you're trying to do and where you're at on the server, from level 55 or so I was saving my gold to buy the lvl 61 heros, it's about 60~80mil depending on your luck to get 1k rubies.

Prior levels to that depending on your class, I'd suggest getting Dijinni and Nether Knight, just tanks for other 2 heros, you'll save a lot in the long run but weaker prior to 61

Another thing about hero's they can't pass your level, and you don't have to rush leveling them since they give you little BR per level, when you're 60+ you don't have to rush trying to get the hero's to 60 more so if you can't equip with the new armor sets.

When you rebirth at least if the equipment on the hero, the hero will still be able to utilize the armor not sure if you could take it off and put it back on.  You also can hold off
rebirthing your hero until 60, so you can put the 60 armor on then birthing it since it takes a lot more to level them once they're rebirthed

Concentrate on your Main and Angel (Mount effects the main so that's included) and left overs for your main tank (yes healers can tank), once you have your party basically set work on getting them tanky enough to survive at least 1 angel attack and hopefully a rage attack.  

"Up your emblem to level 6 fast. It's cheap and give a lot of stat. You can buy emblem with guild points so find a guild. Remember that the level of guild does not mean anything, like battle rating. A guild level 8 can give better things than a guild level 24, yes yes. It depend of what you search exactly. For example, my guild is level 10 and give me each two day 850 guild points + 6 m. Bigger guilds do less."

Don't even know what you're talking about there, you're getting 850 guild honor a day? and +6mil gold?

I would probably level the emblem to 6 or less, its very fast those levels and cheap to level, if your guild does well at twilight crash you can get way with less but stop buying them if you're able to collect in twilight crash daily.  

I would suggest using the guild honor as place the acquire the much needed socketing rods, then afterwards probably synth cards.

For synth cards possibly use them when combining basic gems lvl 5 or higher and adv.gems lvl 4 or higher.


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I really think, i'm sorry tokkie, that is pretty useless, patt for sorcerer. Do not look the description of skills, half of them have mistakes in them. Have you do some tests ? I'm mystic and i can say that never, never, patt uped my shockwave therapy.

6m5 each two days + 850 guild points with gauntlet yes. But like i wrote each two days, no each day.

Socketing rod is a no need to buy with guild points i think : you have them a lot in voucher shop for gold. A bit of patience permit to buy all of them quickly, remember you gain some too with domination wagers. And you don't need a lot of them, just a number max. No ?
Guild points are more usefull, if i'm not mistaken, for : emblem (for 6 first level only, after that cost too much for too few), skiptime scroll (you'll neeeeeed a loooooooot when you begin to rebirth, really. If you wanna for example not lose to much stat, etc. ;) ) and synth scroll only if no choice and if you really need few sometimes and haven't gold in hand to buy them. Do i say a mistake ?

I've add in first post what you said about neither knight. And the synth scroll because i forgot them. And the stuff of rebirth heroes. ;) Did i forget a thing ?


Reply 1# alicegrem@gmail

Nice guide. Only with that weaker guild is better i cant agree. Honor badge and the amount of gold that you get in the Gauntlet depends on your total dmg. If you leave from his low guild and go to some 24lvl, guild, gold and Honor badge, that you will get will be similar (if you get that same total dmg and will have that same rank). You can get only 500K gold and 100 Honor badge less if your defense is not successful (on Purgatury dificulty) . because together with the guild lvl grows enemies HP.

But Gauntlet is only one thing where you can get a little less as in higher lvl guild and only if you are low to kill all enemies. All other is significantly better. More gold from guild boss (24lvl Guild boss have 2 times more hp as 10lvl so 2x more gold), more gold from Alchemy, more gold from world boss and wyrm race, daily wages, Alchemy bonuss, garden bonuss, more prestige from team arena, more warsouls from team dungeons, more xp in drills.  

Against all these bonuses is a gauntlet completely irrelevant, even in this case if is your guild weak and unable to kill all the enemies. So I definitely recommend new players to join Higher lvl guild if possible.

However, I agree that in comparison with amount of golds what we need invest to guild to increase its lvl at maximum. We get only small amount of bonuses for it and if we wanted it back we have to play a few years to make us this money back.


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Hi !

In fact you are right, little guild is not better for all, i'll change that by : depend of what you search.
edit : first post changed. Is that better for you ?

The thing that go at bottom is my point of vue only :
Gauntlet depend of guild but remember that if you are for example five in guild and two are connected, there will be exactly no difference vs five connected, etc.
The problem with big guilds is that it's happen a lot of time that big guild don't do more than nightmare difficulty (in my server at least), because it's too much difficult for them to do better (too big level of guild, too much br in guild) and a lot of them are not able to put a strategy in order to win. A little guild can do and finish purgatory if she up with her member and not without them. And the difference in rewards is really big, even for a little level, really. I'll see with our little level again how much they do each gauntlet, but i remember first time we did it we calculated that everybody had really large benefice than in the big guild we came from.
Big guild mean frequently a lot of guys so boring gauntlets (because nightmare), few hits, few rewards. What i can say is in a big guild i gained : 450-500 guilds points approximatly each winning nightmare. Difference speak by herself here. +400/350 guild points each two day is a great boost and more fun because strategy needed in order to win when playing at two. ( it's not hp of monster that is a problem, but again, number of them at two. )

Look the bonus for alchemy of a level 24 guild you'll see how really few it is. Look others bonus too and now say me : do you think they are really so important ? The gain is incredibly ridiculous each day !
Wait a big guild mean better honor they say in gauntlet. Wow, really, can't see it.
Better gold in wyrmrace ? Yeah, maybe, but your wyrm will give more gold if attacked, so you'll be attacked more often than a guy in little guild.
You'll economize 1/4 x timeskip scroll in big guild (given back by gauntlet rewards in little guild), maybe, gain a bit on garden (given back by gauntlet rewards in little guild if you don't plant a lot), on main quest (haven't calculated for little level) and on prestige (feast can do it easy too). And gain some emblem if your guild is good enough to be in top 4 twilight. After ok, if you go on a bad little guild yeah, you'll have a real loss. But i'm sure big bad guild exist too.

The real only big advantage of a big guild, from my point of vue, is discussion. You'll find guys from all the world to speak with... If they know english.

edit of night : delete of a word that can be bad interpretly. Add two details to make the point of vue more clear.


Reply 9# Isha

Actually I am now in 24lvl guild. We join gauntlet only 4 players almost. We do it on Purgatory dificulty each time. And we are not able to finish it. Each Dragon have about 70M hp and the first wave of wolves has 4M hp. We are happy if we are can kill 2 or 3 dragons and hold to 7/15 waves.
I have check now email and last time I get 2720K gold and 390 guild honor. I attacked approximately 30 times and each atack I get another  25K gold and 4 guild honor. So I get from one gauntlet together 3,5M of gold and 510 guild honor.

Really do not know where you found, that players from large guilds can hit few times and all is death. You have no idea how Purgatory gauntlet in 24lvl guild looks.  Even if 10 x 70lvl players join this gauntlet they will be busy to kill all dragons and wolfes.
BTW can you link here screenshot from rewards received in your mail? really wonder what reward you get


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