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Merging Request S23

Hello NGames / Game321 Team,

could you please Check S23?
There are only 3 PPL Active at any Time.

Im the only one who is 3rd Class at the moment... The Problem is .. i cannot get any Skills for Ranger cause i cannot do Endless alone.

So its really pointless.
Thanks for investigate.


good luck with your request. We have been requesting a server merge for S1 for over 6 months. The dev team just don't care about our requests. They just want to keep trying to take our money away. But what they don't seem to understand is that if you don't find a way to keep the players interested in the game, your profit margin will not be able to keep a high flux. Maybe if they actually went to a COLLEGE, they would understand that.


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Who are the Devs? Warpportal?? I guess Game321 or NGAMES just Hosting Server right?
So sad that every Server got the same Problem ... i would Transfer my Stuff to your Server if this would be an option ... ^^



I was playing on S1 of Game321. But I used to play on a server hosted by Warpportal. AT LEAST on my old server hosted by WARPPORTAL THEY MERGED THE SERVERS.

I feel sorry for the costumers. I myself spend a quite fair amout of cash on this stupid game.


A Reaction of any Forum Master would be awesome.


Kind Regards
DatHunter S23


Submit a Suggestion ticket under customer service because you won't get a reply at all from forum. Although, you'll just get a trash response along the lines of "your suggestion will be forwarded to the appropriate dept/dev team". The end.
-S24 warpportal / S13 game321


I suggest not giving more money to them.
The end.


And come on, that is not even a good game. nor a game. Is just a online gambling money taker kinda of a flash emulation of Ragnarok.
There are actual games worth of your money at Steam, Epic store. Even the new mobile version of Ragnarok Online is better than this JOKE of ''GAME.''

ROB PEOPLE AT GUN POINT game321. It has more balls than stealing like you are doing.


Funny how I get more prestige each time I say the truth


Real life should be like this.
Game321, here is a free tip for you guys. You should consider investing in growing weed. You guys are based in USA according to my information. Really, consider doing community a good service, like growing strains based on classes of Ragnarok, or even monsters! Like the Baphomet strain!!! WOW THAT WOULD BE EPIC!


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