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can`t login to angels. coming message
Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'RedisException' with message 'Redis server went away' in /data/dazongshi/web/kernel/utility/RedisDb.class.php:49 Stack trace: #0 /data/dazongshi/web/kernel/utility/RedisDb.class.php(49): Redis->auth('Md4BtPAFKnfqn-v...') #1 /data/dazongshi/web/kernel/utility/Core.class.php(30): RedisDb->__construct() #2 /data/dazongshi/web/kernel/modules/UserRegister.class.php(19): Core::instance('RedisDb') #3 /data/dazongshi/web/kernel/modules/UserRegister.class.php(26): UserRegister->__construct() #4 /data/dazongshi/web/main/passport.php(234): UserRegister::getInstance() #5 /data/dazongshi/web/main/passport.php(65): Passport->loginAction() #6 /data/dazongshi/web/main/passport.php(24): Passport->dispatch() #7 /data/dazongshi/web/main/passport.php(1137): Passport->__construct() #8 {main} thrown in /data/dazongshi/web/kernel/utility/RedisDb.class.php on line 49

what happen?

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i have exact same problem. what is going on? would you happen to be on S25 Tomb of Saints server? that's where i play. i tried accessing other servers and the game seems fine there


Reply 2# andersongman@gm

    yes, S25 Tomb of Saints server


I tried now and it work. thank you


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