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My game getting freeze and lag when i play global strike. after using flash tool still my game flash issue not fixed yet.i just want to draw attention of moderator how to solve this issue

Please try the following troubleshooting steps:

- Refresh your browser
- Log out and log in your account
- Clear cache of your browser
- Change to Incognito (Chrome) or Private (Mozilla) browser
- Change browsers (Mozilla, Opera, IE, Safari, Pale Moon etc.)
- Close any website or application that uses excessive bandwidth and memory - Change or restart your computer/switch to a different computer with a different internet connection


Try the recommended Flash player and Browser (recommended by our players)
Download Pale Moon & Flash Player ver. 23
until the mini client launcher is ready.   
Region : Global
64 bit ... n_Archived_versions
scroll down to Flash Player Archives and choose Version 23

If the troubleshooting steps didn't worked, please let me know.



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