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Endless Tower Floor 34

Hi all!

Stupid question...

Is endless tower floor 34 still bugged?


P.S. Even stupider question, If it's bugged can anyone fix it?

Bugged as in how.  Please elaborate. There are certain ways to beat the higher levels.
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The floor with Drake I think in the middle of two mystletains.
It has an AOE that wipes everyone out.

When it first came out several posted here and said it’s bugged.

Was wondering if it still is or maybe there was actually a secret to it...


Ours has a Doppelganger and 2 Tirfings. Survived it a while and more tirfings spawned on same spot. Game over. Tried all armor cards and single target vs aoe as well as fighting tirfings. Nothing seems to give. The more dmg done to the boss, the more the aoe hits.
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Yup it’s dopplegangr you’re right.

Been so long since we tried. We just don’t even do it.


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