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Eternal Ring Bug

I noticed eternal ring on other version has different stats

WarpportalPH and Ragnarok Indonesia

eternal Ring.png
2018-9-11 13:36

It makes sense that it would actually have the stats in the picture. 10,000 DIA charge reward for 70ATK/70M.ATK isnt great.

Also both those servers are hosting that game321 event, can we get that event here too?
eternal Ring.png

Honestly think that those stats in other servers is just as it is, their server stats. The game admins in this server decided that the stats we have for Eternal ring is the way it is, and their admins decided that stats for them.
Not a bug, I say. Just like the other servers have 200% more events than us, our admins can decide what the items in this game will differ than the others. Sadly.
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Same goes for the Constellation Cards they are different on the other versions too.

2018-9-11 15:53
here is my ring on Svr 1.. the pics your showing are them showing you the ring at max lvl.
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How sneaky, so they are showing +12 stats.

I'll keep posting about disparity between servers though until someone addresses it


Why do that each host can probably set their stats for what they want... whos to say which is the "correct" version.... us on Warpportal get screwed more than anybody we have a 10 gems to 4 diamonds trade... where as the others have 10 gems to 8 diamonds trade.   Some versions you have to charge like 80000 gems to get the top tier item on others its 20000.
#1 Mechanic on Svr 1 WP and Guild Leader of Dungeon Runners


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