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wait why did i get banned

in game name: Gruncle_stan

for some reason on the 11th day of september 2018. i've opened my account on kongregate and i've noticed that i've been banned

unbanned me you dumb cwassants

there's literally alot of hackers on ladder match. you dweebs ain't payin attention


they are paying for it

gay ass devs

unbanned me you dweebs


if y'all want to discuss did i got banned you can email me at (


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well said bro I too got banned for unknown reasons weird game standard not fit to play- my mail


I was just banned as well for using "Cheating Software".

Guys this is RiF|Beef, I've never once cheated in this game.  These people who run this game are horrible with zero ethics.


Hey I experienced the same thing I have never used any cheats or the gifts that they are speaking of... this is Bobby_Blaze, real nice of yas to ban people who have done nothing wrong except enjoy playing a game online. Please fix this as soon as possible.



Is it possible that you lend ur account to someone whom used cheats in game? Of course, It only occurs on the premise that you swear to God you never use cheats at all.


Reply 8# fuckingjokeman How about you kiss my (_o_) bub, why would I lie and why would I cheat at a game ive been playing for years Ive been playing this since Counter Strike came out.


Reply 1# stephenhawkis@g

    I think its temporary for a 6 days and 11 hours I think... now its says 6 days and 9 hours...


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