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One question....

How would the world be without glitch's ; bug's ;hacker's ect ?

Yes it will be till those fucking remaining communist states achieve their socialism or communism in their countries XD
Jail Donald Trump!!!
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Developers will find a way to mess it up. Similar to when they first had the hacking situation under control, they released a wide nade. Available for 2 bucks a month in the item shop..for a whole summer month. Then a few months later, they had the genius idea of releasing a hack..difference being this is a legit hack and you won't get banned for firing a sniper like a machine gun. But you can get permanently banned for getting yourself into a box..

A utopia you seem to be looking for, regarding this game, is only possible when the community is taken seriously. A certain section of the community. Sadly, that hasn't been the case for far too long. The fact that I have to complain about the heroic weapons abuse every week and nothing being done just showcases that the developers have done this to themselves and anyone who truly loves this game has every reason to be mad.


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