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Remove PK all mode

The reason why I ask you to eliminate that option in the world, is because lvl 100+, abuses of low lvl, can not be that lvl 100+ arrive and of 1 blow kills us all to rob the boss, in all the world, I have already lost many friends, they are gone, for these abuses, you can not play like this

Remove all pk

in the end the high lvl will be left alone in the servers and the game will die, this game is falling, it is a decision of you if you want to keep the hen with the golden eggs
every day fewer players


So your saying you want to play in Candyland.    Well then lets just make it where the monsters dont attack us either and just let us kill em while they stand there.   Also hey in the mail every morning you get all the mats you need to make runed out gear.

This will never happen and its stupid to even ask for something like this.
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