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5* Image

Post Last Edited by at 2018-6-28 19:31

So far I dont know anyone who composed it yet, maybe on other servers?
It's been months we got the update and still no 5* image. Please increase the chance to create it at least to 10% (up from 5), from 3x 4* image. Its still an absolut rare thing then but more possible....

I find it also pretty frustrating, failing and failing again. So far I've tried over 10x making a 5* image and all is gone after the fail. Maybe upgrading the rewards from school dungeon would also fit to avoid the extensive frustration level.

yeah same here its hard to get 5 image 5% compos rate


still searching rotar zairo activation card


ofcourse the game wants you to spend more and more and more  lol


You even can't buy 5* image except on first charge event after release


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