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we can win the crystals, but the exchange is bugged...


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Reply 8# bleez22@yahoo.c

You think is easy to keep spending 588 dias on that gem? Life is not easy son, when you grow a bit older, you will see how hard is to make your money... AND the dia prices for this game IS ABSURD.

I just want things from the game to work as we expect. Or is this too much to ask? When they want us to buy dias, that always work out perfecly...

And I wonder what is your level in the game... because even with the 2exp gem, after 140 is very hard to level...


Reply 11# 101550917068090

    those little crystals from guild quest can be used by double clicking on it from your inventory or by placing it in shortcut keys and using it.


Reply 13# keslie

Ohh, I didn't know about that! Thanks!


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