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Emergency Maintenance

Dear players,
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We will do an emergency maintenance at 02:30 June 25, 2018 PDT, and it will last for 20 minutes, please log off beforehand to avoid any loss in game.5 `4 R) s* c& V- W' h! m
  s% L5 ~( F0 n* T

2 M7 |6 U  A3 X9 I, u% IOur Facebook:
! @2 d1 b( Y9 m; o( C" q; HOur website: http://ro.game321.com3 ?* T8 |* w7 F7 ~
Our Support:
! z, R9 K: x. D6 S6 n9 Y2 R( W  r: f1 K: s

Ragnorak Journey Operation Team! ~9 ~* z2 b7 _
June 25, 2018

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