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Server Merge Notice

In response to player's requirement and to let players enjoy a better gaming experience, promoting communications among players and preparing for other fabulous systems in later stage of the game, we decide to carry out a Server Merge.
& C( l6 S$ n$ n( u9 _: v! @' c% R4 q" }
We will transfer your character data for the merge. When we finish transferring your data, we will start Server Merge events. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation
7 C6 W2 Q5 Y3 i4 B$ p
6 Z- Y8 O. }4 w1 Y, D; v4 a' @* W5 ?" ^Note: Server Merge will not cause any loss in your inventory and mail or any other valuable data for characters.
9 E9 A; K8 H, y4 W8 e( g+ c& a& u% o* }% v
Merge time: May 29, 19:00-23:59
/ O2 U( G) C4 S! j. `Merge servers: ( F+ d9 f! i, x# v& G

! _# w. `2 R3 x8 O1 L3 L/ rNotice:
, z/ R8 f% T8 OWe will need to turn off the servers for this event. Please be aware of the merge time to prevent any loss. Maintenance will last for about 5 hours.1 ~0 N$ l" S. [
  r1 V/ Y9 q/ o+ ?1 D
Rules:5 P3 g5 J, H& a2 u3 y# Z0 ]
1.After server merge, players' data, status, items and Zeny will all be transferred to the new server.
; g, _- F; e/ b3 ]9 y2.All guild statuses (including members, joining requests, etc.) will be transferred to the new server.
0 E# l* a1 w- p* c3.Players' data such as the friend and block lists will all be transferred to the new server. 0 n  [% r0 Z7 V' J
4.Players' mail will all be transferred to the new server.
7 r9 V  Z3 c: Y3 t/ o5.After server merge, the number of the original server will be added to players' names and faction names as a prefix, for example, there is a faction “RO” in the server 1. After server merge, this faction will be presented as "[1]RO" in the new server. ( t, x* q; w- v9 k( T
6.This prefix will also be added before friend names, blocked players, faction members and other player names.' T. o/ Q* r( g* X) L1 d/ c- {# a& a$ a
7.If you have multiple characters in the new server after the merge, you will enter a character selection interface and select a character before entering the game.6 y4 \9 V; J  q$ `
8.If you have ingots in both servers, the ingots will be kept in the new server after the merge.0 E4 W  |$ E- v0 @
9.After the merge, characters that satisfy all of the following four conditions will be deleted: $ E* D( t2 r" u2 Z
a.Character level is lower than Lv.55.- W2 s- {2 \7 O4 i
b.No recharge records.
# O( B# }, r, G, @. \0 j8 hc.Haven't joined a guild.
- _* \- }+ `7 nd.Haven't logged into the game for 10 day straight.
2 D- D) k* s/ r& Q6 L, w7 J2 oe.Haven't transcended.
7 M" s% O# S" i( z  r5 B
- f0 d* m2 I! B1 P! V2 a% b

Ragnarok Journey Operation Team
! z- \+ I4 ~) F* |% IMay 29, 2018

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