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Server Merge, PLEASE ADD SERVER ONE!!!!!!


Is it possible to add server 1 and 4 to these server merges maybe?

Otherwise you just have to do it again later.

I will speak for everyone on server 1. The market is dead, we're bored, we've run out of competition or people to help.

Not sure about server 4, but i'm sure they also would like more people to play with / help / compete with etc.

Hope it's not too late but considering it just popped up.

Once again, Could you PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE ADD SERVER 1 TO GROUP 1 SERVER MERGE!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!

and maybe server 4 too if they want it

THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I'm have to agree. Can you also add server 1 to this?

No one will charge again on server 1 if we're just forgotten about....

Also a lot of players are kind of jaded now after the EU thing. This doesnt really convince any of us spending HUNDREDS of dollars to charge any more..


Is it too late to add server 1 to the merge?


Hi GM can we get explanation why server 1, 4 and 7 have not been considered?


I suggest writing a ticket as well Suyo.

But I really hope they consider adding the excluded servers to the merge. I know server 4 is full of helpful players that have also paid lots of money.

Not fair to exclude those and who knows when the next merge would be....


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Hey guys, can still write here

I guess S1 and suyos server are crowded enough. But tbh since the EU-block-announcement, S1 is almost dead. So why not merging S1 with the first group?

I guess S4 is suyos server and come on you guys win every single xwoe already and being the strongest ones overall, so no need to get new player on your server I guess.

S7 is pretty strong also as far as I know, but S1 changed alot since I am gone and others also bc of GDPR. So please include S1 and give them some reason to go on playing and to kick Suyos and Co's asses one day (meant rly competitive and respectful )



Any update on Server 1 Merge?

Are we going to make it or do we get left behind and never merge with anyone?


Or Merge the ones left out....

Server 1 with Server 7

Server 4 with Server 11


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there's gotta be a reason why these servers were not considered for today's merge (Low activity and low population). so if you merge those servers that were left out, you're just merging 2 relatively high population and high activity servers--which is not balanced.


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I'm worried there really isn't a good reason and what is there to balance?

Regular WOE? No server has enough to even fill a guild with active players. Server 1 is under 10 active players. And that's including people that AFK all day

xWOE? you get a reward regardless of winning or losing?

We have nothing to do on server 1.
-Almost everyone has quit due to lack of content.
-No reason to charge due to lack of in server competition/lack of content
-Chat is dead.
-Market is dead.
-Can no longer defeat the last 2 bosses.
-With new content, how will we be able to advance if we can no longer even kill last 2 bosses.
-if we don't get a merge now, when will server 1, 4, 7, 11 get a merge.

I think other servers (4, 7, 11) might agree with a few of those points


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