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starry dream

i got on today and checked starry dream only to find out that my servers rank points were reset i unfortunately didn't take a screen shot of points before this happened so probably nothing you can do about it but feel i should post anyway cause my servers seems to be getting bashed by bug after bug

IGN: klavian
server: ud2

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Yeah, what he said, also about screen shots, we dont have any, one cant  expect for it to get bugged at that specific time. When we logged in, all the sh*t was gone. 0, nada, finito, no more....Again buggs with CS Tycoon, loop quest and now starry dream on our server UD2. I dunno what stuffs you r doing but srsly, its annoying for all the players... SO GIVE US COMPENSATION... Lots of ppl used over 800-900 points and some even had over 1000 points like klavian for example, he had over 1600 points...

IGN: Odin.ub9
Server: UD2


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