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LAGS & Auto Loot Bug

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recently the server lags alot, Server 1. We are having black screens or the tabs need 1min to load, NPC talks also. Please make sure your server can handle the traffic when you open one server each week.

Also there is a Loot-Bug since awhile. The character has a position bug and the message is something like "There is no item here". Please fix this fast.

Please make sure you have at least one GM who plays the game to see and experience the major bugs.

Thanks alot.
2018-2-10 15:32

2018-2-11 19:47

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Did you try other browers or update your flash player to the latest?
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The lag will be there just depends on your isp.  Black screens are the same reason.  Some days its great others its issues.  

The Loot bug is that you picked up the item and had a small lag issue and it tried to repick up the item you already have in your bag.

And i agree on the need for GM to play the game.   

But you all should be happy at least you have a mod on this forum that will actually read and respond to your questions.
WarpPortal doesnt answer any questions on their forum and the GM they say plays the game is never in ROJ hes always listed as playing one of the other games.  Have never seen him ingame and he knows nothing about it.
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Well my ISP isnt the problem for sure. I have those problems only with RoJ and also having a great connection 364/365 days a year.

Also the lootbug I mean is not what you are describing. Because when I stop auto play and move a bit, my char loots the item correctly. What I also watched is that its a position bug, which causes the lootbug, because my char is set back to another position when I move him manually. And thats apparently the reason he cant loot, because he is not there where he should be. At the start of game321 server I didnt have this bug at all. Thats pretty new, a month or around that.

Also I tried different browser and my flash player is of course up to date. From what I've observed its the server which causes these lags.


I just added a screenshot for the lootbug in my first post here. As you can see, the zenys cant be looted and the character will be stuck there until the loot disappears. When I am clicking he will change position because of a position bug and loot the item when I press A again.


This topic is still up to date ...


its up to date and will continue to be it has been here since beta so its some coding issue and may not ever be able to be fixed.
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