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Alert!!!Hacked account petetion

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Hello Gm023, gm015, gm022, gm023, gm028, gm031!

Today I've found my facebook account with changed login, name and security info, because I still was able to control my email which is related to my facebook I've managed to restore my facebook account. But then I've checked my MU classic game character, and its totally empty. I saw that items transfer was made this night, by in game mail notifications. Please help me, I haven't made any login from other country then Lithuania. I live here and I play from my home or work, but still that's Lithuanian IP. And I haven't shared any login details to anyone.
I attach screenshot of email, what I've got this night/morning to prove that I managed to recovery my facebook. If you need any other information, let me know. Please help!"

This was my message to the support team and I have found out my hacker was named [11]=xlpKl0rDxl= becaused I saw all my items on his character. The hack in the game is real especially when you made account linked to your facebook. I just wan to appeal to the Game Mod to investigate or to "REDBEAN" whom catered my cased. I haven't play also for a long  time and you found out your items was gone just like was a great DISASTER! The Tech support should do what is right and return what should belong to some one and of course punished the hacker permanently.

I hope this would be a warning to all players also. Hack is real!!!! I attached also my evidence to show what items has been loss and what the support team had responded. Also, I don't know what's wrong with support team becaused I noticed that their response was computer generated or they just don't know what they are doing literally. They ask you for something proofs/evidence but no resolutions. I think they need seminars or education for them to be knowledgeable of their job!

Screenshot (1053).png
Screenshot (1055).png
Screenshot (1057).png

No wonder many players quit this game due to lousy service and incompetent support. What funny is support can only do mute players a side from that nothing. So I expect this will not resolve because they don't know what they are doing. Good luck game321 you are dying now no one top up in the game anymore. POOR SERVICE AND LOUSY SUPPORT!!!


It seems that support don't support players at all if they ask for help...


Reply 2# anthonypaez@yah

    Exactly bro they can mute players quickly with stupid complaint but when it comes to hacked/compromise accnt they cant even action it. They ask for evidence then after what will they do with that, they do nothing but sit on their office. So sad alot of players had their accnt compromised. They are not listening at all. Goodluck to Mu Classic though.
justice prevails


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i said a simple word KARMA
this cryng issue remember me the case of MG princelance. case what gm point out that princelance sell own items in market
beware with these cryng player who look for compensation right coitus? or should i say princelance, ledas, etc etc


it's funny how a person like you can talk about decency and karma


i dont beg compensation on gm as u do coitus. You like post sh1t of 2 years ago right? guess u hurted cause gm not compensate you anymore they dont believe more on your lies beware with goodboys guild they re bunch of scammer sniper cheater guild


Of course you can not ask for compensation because the support knows all your history of suspensions for various insults falling as low as mocking the death of a baby, and it is more than obvious that you do not need compensation since everything you do is cheating on old women saying LOVE, but good for you is something as normal as SPONSOR, and as for the guild I will simply ask you that you are an old player, have some guild that backs you up over all these years, or as we all know that guild you arrived you did shit now you're just a simple player never more guild leader
and just to make you understand, in your country it is normal to insult families and babies, but that does not mean that people will support your stupid excuses like saying "it's been years" let me tell you that the years do not change the person's trash what are you [71] LordCarlos


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2 years ruling the kid when u achieve it talk to me, my guildmates still with me on new guild Kpecs, about love? i dont have cyber love, we re friends with all my mates, about  leadership i dont need now i enjoyed 2 years ruling alot of tyrant titles and lot of that u got traumatized and cryng until now like u do.
And Your case dear mr coitus ... u re big scammer stealer of accounts, cheater using 3rd party software even u have ur support u sux u re nothing on what sad to be killed by an "Old women" XD  as you said last champ u were 10times in floor u really trash sm and u dare call u idol? dream on loser. nor u have steal acc u would be good mate nor leader

PD why u been muted as most on ur alts and mates mr correct player?


so funny two years ruling? apparently you confuse the word govern with what you knew best to do all the time you used your LOVE or as you say sponsor BEND money also I can tell you that all the players that made up your guild stopped playing because of your stupidities and your opportunism for the money of BRENDA, that VYPER would say when seeing what hisite with his guild NONE66 since the truth is that it is not that you left your leadership, the only truth is that they all left you, as for traumatizing I was the one who I force myself to respect many of my compatriots. As for fraudulent accounts, you are the least indicated person to talk about your subject as you have about 10 or 15 alternate accounts
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