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s. duhem's chances of dropping a pact stone:

Post Last Edited by froakentoken at 2017-7-10 14:06

plz note that s. duhem has about a 1/10 chance to drop a pact stone per defeat of him (extremely rare.) *this just in:stats from a pact stone increase the leader that you start out w/that you give a name to's stats,& not the person that you sign a pact w/'s stats for pact bonus,like the 1st pact bonus is 1000 cp,but the mastery bonus still increases the stats only when you have the person that you signed a pact w/to get the mastery bonus.

more like the cp goes to the main leader you start out w/& name the main leader,...,but the stats increase literally are there from having at least one hero in battle & not in rest so 2 initiative from the 3rd pact signing will be there so long as one heros in battle & not resting,but all 25 heros in battle & not resting still gives only 2 init.

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