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Fame hunter skill bugged

My fame hunter has lvl 12 skill which should grant immunity shield each turn skill is cast. but opponents attack is killing my party through its immunity shield. Here is the link: ... Id=11258a12c769842c
I have Dw tomorrow want this fixed asap!

skill lvl 12 immune to next attack

fame skill.jpg
fame equipment evolve.jpg
fame upgrade lvl.jpg

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Fifth Ace
s33 MornwingGorge

I have Dw tomorrow want this fixed asap!liarztrue Posted at 2017-2-13 03:59

Pft yea right ... GM03 only posts new servers ... GM22 doesn't seem to check LoA forum that frequently and GM23 has been MIA for over 5 weeks ...

Game321 League of Angels has NO SUPPORT at all ....


Fifth Ace, I will report your issue to our develop team to have a check. We are sorry of any inconvenience it brings to you, appreciate for your understanding.

If you have any other problem in game, feel free to let me know.
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    Another problem is my fq with +13 skill (12 from upgrade and +1 from equipment evolve) has skill level 12 on the battle. You can confirm it on the provided battle link. I am well aware of bug that affects all heroes to have skill decreased by 1 level on the battle. but in my case only hero affect on this party set up is fq. My main has +2 skill of dark meditation although it is with out any equipment.
Fifth Ace
s33 MornwingGorge


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