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Subject: KATAR [Print]

Author: cruiex56@gmail.    Time: 2018-7-10 23:26     Subject: KATAR

THUS this KATAR visual Bugged? description says Chance probabilty to double attack?
Author: Bignutt    Time: 2018-7-11 02:05

It has a chance to double attack on each normal attack.   What are you meaning?
Author: andrenz_20@yaho    Time: 2018-7-11 11:23

lol tf are you
Author: Bignutt    Time: 2018-7-11 22:58

What are you saying?
Author: cruiex56@gmail.    Time: 2018-7-13 04:48

so its 00000000000.1% to cast ive never seen my katar do double damge ...even though im watching it for an hour lol

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