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Subject: Need change in favor of the players!! [Print]

Author: 102119728448588    Time: 2018-7-7 13:46     Subject: Need change in favor of the players!!

I know this has been brought up numerous times but i am more then dissatisfied  with aspects of this game that really show the disgusting nature of the developers greed. And believe me there are many but most notably item slots... Not only do you basically charge a left nut for these slots which is fine whatever ... but then charging us time and time again from there on out to swap cards.  I have used at the very least 500 diamonds in the last month on just switching cards. Its flat out fucking bullshit.

Seriously developers sort this situation out... at least remove diamond cost to remove cards. If you want players to throw there fucking diamonds away give us a casino of some sort to at least have some fun throwing them away!!!
Author: Bignutt    Time: 2018-7-7 14:03

Why are you changing your cards so much... At your lvl you should be pretty much set in how you have things set up..   If your having issues figuring out what cards you need maybe you should ask around and get help cause it obvious you dont understand how they work if you spent 500 dia a month.
Author: jafingo4    Time: 2018-7-7 14:41

Post Last Edited by jafingo4 at 2018-7-7 14:45

Im not having any issues at all ... Changing weapon cards all the time depending on what im doing bossing / mobs. As well as armor cards both normal and boss slot is a common change. If you want to effectivly play the game cards need swapped.
Author: 102156320419000    Time: 2018-7-7 14:42

Id have to agree with using diamonds to change cards is a little excessive. I Would love to see developers implement maybe even starlight tokens to change cards. Higher lvl accts dont really have a use for the starlight why not be able to use them to swap cards.

Doggebi - 153 Assassin - S7 Merchant
Author: jafingo4    Time: 2018-7-7 14:43

And seriously if your avatar is actually you then you know this to be a problem
Author: cforaker@gmail.    Time: 2018-7-7 16:38

Just make multiple weapons. Most of us have 2-3 and that limits swapping cards.
Author: Bignutt    Time: 2018-7-7 17:36

exactly... thats what the 4slot whites are for... and as the armor goes if you dont have angeling then use bongun ... they are the most effective...

If your stats are built right then most is not really an issue except the high lvl bosses and you cant really do them by yourself anyway.
Author: 102119728448588    Time: 2018-7-8 02:32

We do world bosses in our server as a team most generally. the 4 slot whites are crap at this point. for anything above Turtle General due to set bonus. Yeah now it will be easy to open multiple weapons with slot openers over time. However after already buying these slots and then charging every time a card is exchanged is ridiculous and adds up fast.
Author: tomy_prawira    Time: 2018-7-8 14:08

Post Last Edited by tomy_prawira at 2018-7-8 14:37

Just put Abysmal on your main weapon for set bonus, and use white weapons with different cards set for farming?
I misread some parts, my apology . I agree with Doggebi, there should be a card-removal items, whether its made from composing or loot drop(better since its free but you still have to work to get it).
Author: Bignutt    Time: 2018-7-8 21:13

I do agree that the card removal can be expensive if your doing it quite a bit.

but if your changing cards for each WB then you are really doing something wrong.
4 AKs in your weapon on bosses and your doing 200% dmg. What more do you need.

Just study your cards and figure out what you need the most and build for that everything else should die easily.
Author: f4nny    Time: 2018-7-12 20:22

Yup, use white weapon with 4 slots and cards are the best way if we didn't want to use dias. Dunno the formula of damage or def but cards mean a lot in here. Some people says 3 element and 1 size cards are more damage than 4 element cards. But lv 121 up we need vip at least , if not we have to be patient on leveling or finished individu dungeon Yeah this game "forced up" a little to make us buy vip altough it's our choice
Author: jakemagi    Time: 2018-7-26 23:47

Please remove dias expense on removing cards!!

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