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Subject: maximum number of times you can use a skill: [Print]

Author: froakentoken    Time: 2017-9-8 19:41     Subject: maximum number of times you can use a skill:

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you have a maximum number of times you can use a skill,& it gets lengthened by having more of the person that can use the skill in which i mean:you start out w/100% of the chances to use the skill compared to chances to be able to use the skill,& then i decreases by a little bit everytime you use the skill (i just about ran out of tatsumi's conquerer stars/4 aria miya's sacred energy skill by combat round 40 w/5 of both put together/didnt just about run out until more like combat round 170 w/at least a few times more amount of tatsumi/aria miya put together so far.) *im thinkin a 100% chance to use the skill is gonna run out 4 times quicker than a 25% chance to use the skill,at least i think,but ill say so if i figure out for sure,or figure out for sure that that isn't true,& it lasted 60 combat rounds for 2 people w/a 50% chance to use the skill that they use,1.5 times longer than w/5 characters,so i could be wrong,seeing as how there's 1/2.5 as many characters w/the ability to use the 50% chance usable skill,where as conqueror stars/sacred energy usages are both a 20% chance to be used.

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