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In-game and Forum Rules[MUST READ]

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Hello everyone, I'm proud to present to you a new set of in-game and forum rules that will further Game321's goal of eradicating toxic behaviors in game and on the forums.

General rules(these rules apply on both forum and in-game chats

1)English is the one and only language allowed on game321 games and forums.
2)Racism will not be tolerated in any form
3)Do not use foul languages or flame players.
4)Do not troll, insult, and/or disrespect others players and/or moderators.
5)Do not bash the game developers in any way.
6)Do not instigate fights.
7)Absolutely no obscene/lewd pictures and obscene/abusive languages.
8)Do not use third-party programs
9)Do not post/send links to inappropriate websites such as pornography and sites designed to scam player information.
10)NO ADVERTISING without permission from Moderators, Customer Representatives, and/or GMs.
11) Posting contents and links of politically extremist, immoral and offensive material which may breach applicable laws are forbidden. It is also not allowed to post keys, !@s, cracks or other things of illegal nature, including illegal download pages. Discussion of such items will lead to an immediate warning/ban.
12) Threatening someone is not allowed.
13) Your account(s) are game321's property so you can not sell it(them)
14) Do not advertise external products or services(This means that you're not forbidden from telling someone which type of mouse you use or what type of car you drive, but that's about as far as it should go).
15)Do not make fun of the mod who warned you or make fun of warnings. Impersonating a mod is not allowed as well.
16) Do not argue with someone on chat but debates are fine. If a mod asks you to stop then you must stop.

Forbidden actions In game

Please do not provide false information as fact.
Do not troll players.
Make fun of a player who is not too good in the game or spends too much time in game by calling him/her no life/living to play etc.

Make fun of someone who is not good at typing English.
Do not flood on chat
(World)player:cream]This is what flooding is. if you send more then 3 messages then you might get warned by mods depending on the situation. If you sent more then 3 messages continuously because of the chat limit then you will not get warned.

Do not boost your main account by making alts. If you do then all of your accounts will be banned.
Role playing is not allowed. But if the mod lets you role play then it is allowed, if he/she says no then it's a no.

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Forbidden actions(Forum)
Do not post twice/Cross posting is not allowed
2014-3-31 00:28

This is what cross posting is.

Do not use obscene/lewd pictures as your signature or use animated signatures.
Rules apply on forum PMs as well.

If a mod closes a thread then pls do not try to re-open it by making another thread. Mod may close your thread without saying anything, on that case, you are to send a PM to the mod and ask him/her for the reason.
Threads will be closed if they are not related to game, contain fights/arguments etc.

DO NOT select a nickname which insults other users or has the intention of bothering other users, racist names or names which glorify violence are also forbidden.
Use proper English on forum(words from Urban dictionary are not allowed)


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How to report a mod who is breaking the rules?

Know a mod who brakes the rules?
This is how you report.
Take 3 screenshots of him/her breaking the rules(Do not ask him to stop or something which leads you and the mod to an argument) and send the screenshot to
If you have only 1 screenshot then you can send that as well.
when you show a SS which shows a mod breaking rules the mod gets warned(NOTE:Warned, not demodded)
and when the mod has 3 warnings. he gets demodded or suspended.

When will you get muted/banned?
When you do not follow the rules you will get warned by mods.
First time they might give you a verbal warning such as 'World chat is restricted to English only/spamming is against the rules'.(depending on the situation) or warn you directly by saying 'Mr.X, first warning for breaking the rules' or something like that. If you keep breaking the rules then you will get warned again.
When the mod has 3 screenshots of you breaking the rules. He/she will report it to a tech and the tech will punish you.


1st time being reported- 2 day mute

2nd time being reported- 4 days mute

3rd time being reported- 1 week mute

4th time being reported- 15 month mute

5th time being reported- 1 week ban.

Please note that when you’re punished it’s meant to be a warning and teach you a lesson. Those who reach the upper parts of the punishment should understand that the more they break the rules the longer it will be. Such punishment can also be extended to any alternate characters that you may possess. These rules are meant to keep the game in a peaceful environment. And excuses for actions or the “I’m sorry I won’t do it again” will not get you off of your punishment.


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