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Demonic War keeps changing

Demonic war keeps changing from the time I have set it.  It only seems to do this during SS tyc.  This is the third time it has done it, and nothing is being done to fix it. What does one have to do to get this game to work right.

Reply 1# chaosraine

i can't believe this happen for demonic war that they did more than twice there was a limited resources for gold to get that points
see this pic:
Screenshot_2019-02-14 League of Angels - ud3-jpg.jpg
2019-2-13 23:06

please do like they do to have multiple alt instead one that comes from quest and give sorry for they account email again
and they try to access violation at my email too for bad gateway then error 404 also banned for them

can we have another merger? in this merger server some player do cheat diamond here for once a day
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sincerelly yours

ollinavia server.ud3


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