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Constellation card bugs

Post Last Edited by kittybarker at 2019-1-17 16:26

A newer annoying thing is now the constellation cards give the user the same debuffs it gives others/monsters. That's why people are having trouble with challenges, etc. Also noticed that Scorpio says it reduces def and mdef by 30% but it lowers attack by a good amount. FIX THIS CRAP kthx.

Edit: It happens in PVP areas and towns...not so much world hunting....
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Wow nice find!

I don’t think they will fix this though sadly.
I’m about to contact PayPal for a refund and see how much I can get back from this sh1t.
It takes awile but I think we have a pretty solid argument when this game isn’t even supported and what we buy doesn’t work


Just to add in, if you used PayPal you have 180 days.
Not sure about credit card or other payment methods.
Think you will get your account banned but who cares at this point.
They can’t even reply to forum posts and tickets so who cares


Post Last Edited by keslie at 2019-1-19 15:21

So I tested it out and it seems like it's not just a constellation card bug but also like a dungeon bug. Definitely need to be addressed (hah!)

Link for proof,

Pretty much this before and after entering a dungeon (lab/pyramids).


2019-1-19 15:18


2019-1-19 15:18

pics added.
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Yeah, the same thing with boss temple and group school. I had hope it didn't actually impact numbers, but the attack value definitely goes down when your main stat drops in this bugged out way


Thank you for reaching out to us.

We are saddened to hear about your experience. Kindly try the troubleshooting steps below:

- Reload the game.
- Clear browser’s cache.
- Try using a different browser or open it in incognito mode.
- Check your internet connection if it is stable.
- Check if you have the latest version of Flash Player. If it is not updated then please update it first then retry to access your game.

If your issue still persists, please let us know.

That's it. Everything's fixed guys, do this troubleshoot suggestions above! /s

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LOL how would any of those things fix it?
They are so clueless. The only way ever get a solid response is by submitting a ticket or forum post regarding charging $$$.



We have already reported this issue to the developer team to check ,and they said that this is only the visual bug.

Your real stats were not changed during the dungeons battles, and we also will go to fix the visaul bug soon.

Thanks for your report.

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Post Last Edited by kittybarker at 2019-1-24 10:39

Visual bug eh. Explain why I'm slowed when no one is around and I use skills. Sigh. It's like when your check engine light is on in your car but the dealer just turns the light off saying everything is fine. Or driving with a flat tire.
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Post Last Edited by keslie at 2019-1-24 10:43

Reply 9# kittybarker

    tbh I didn't particularly pay attention to the dmg when the bug occurs but will test it when i get the chance. What I suggest tho, if you can, record it when it happens and submit it to them for proof. But try to relax though cause the first reply they're gonna give you is the FUCKING troubleshoot suggestions I posted, jfc.

Edit: grammar.
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