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New Sagittarius Card removes ability to see helmet

After slotting with the newest constellation Sagittarius cards, I am unable to see my helmet and any other helmets that have gotten the new cards put into them when hovering mouse over the helmet. The only way I can kind of see something is hovering over another helmet as if I were going to use another one, but the results are not correct.

The issue itself isn't that big of a deal because the stat increase is still there for attack and penetration. It's more of an annoying issue.

Please include PET COMBINATION, it doesn't work ATM...


If you can show us screenshots? What is your in game name and server?
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Will really be hard to see it from a SCREENSHOT.

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This is Verified... when you cursor over your helm no popup shows for the helm if you have the Sagittarius card installed. Doesnt matter (gold, silver or bronze).   If you take the card out then you can see the popup for the helm.
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