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Please Help Making This Game Great!


Can you please pass along to the developer team that we would like some of the updates that other versions of your game receive.

Those of us that still play love the game but notice that other versions receive way more updates, events and support. Hoping that can change!

More Server Merges -
It has been 6 months since server 12 & 15 and others were skipped for a merge. Even longer for other older servers. All the servers are ghost towns and those remaining would like to play with other players.
Seafloor Treasure Hunt -
This looks awesome! Why can't we have that? I think many people would be willing to spend and try that out.
Ninja Class -
I'd love to make a ninja and i'm sure many others would like to as well
Special Events -
It's like 50/50 chance we get the same events and sometimes no post or info and a day or two late
Adding the Missing Headgear Items, Special Cards and Costumes -
I would be more willing to charge for things like this.
It was shown in game but not for sale or anything.
Updating 170-180 & 180-200 Maps
170-180 Map - Rune Skill Shards missing from map and not dropping
180-200 Map - Apparently can't even enter yet?
Fixing Endless Tower
Floor 34 is bugged and only way to pass is with Roto Zairo's poison shot skill, a 20,000 Diamond Charge Reward Pet.
Thank you very much for your help!

Well this sure got a lot of attention..........
I too would like to see some changes, or even a reply to a post like this?
Why the F is all that stuff available on the other servers?
Also we didn't get the holiday event?


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