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Recharge fucked

Since you guys changed the website i can't recharge with bank transfers. I used to be able to recharge that way so either fix it or refund me every dollar i spend on the game back and take my account because i don't use CC or paypal   and i will not use paypal because i they charge for using their service

I'm really pissed because you don't give 2 fucks about players only when you gain something.

Server ud4

The charge methods did not change so much. The only difference is the you charge and get the diamonds directly in game instead of the gold bean at the website.
What is wrong with your charge? May I know more detail?
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what wrong is i cant recharge by using bank transfers.. i used to use ideal but that option is gone now



Me as well ,i have 2 IGN in different servers in this single account.  Before i use to recharge all of them separately by the use of golden beans but now it cant be done because the recharged diamonds go straight on the chosen server right away.

can you bring back the recharging sequence like angel321 before.  where you can chose what server you can assign the golden beans with?



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