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Can't log in

Am I supposed to have an ngames account now too in order to log in, and how do I get into my own account?

From what we're seeing (my guild) your game321 account usually works (ignore the invalid format message) if you're facebook linked that seems to always work, as do probably all of the other externally linked.

I did a password reset on mine to get logged in without using a linked method.


If you have log in with an email address as your username from game321 it seems completely random if you can or can not log in. Is there a fix for this. I'm not having the problem on this account as I use Facebook to log in. But some others that can't log in to tell you are having this exact problem as well. The problem seems to be the @ in the username is not allowed, but it was before and a lot of players have this. I hope you come up with a solution soon.


If it works fine for you now?
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hello.........i cant join server....


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