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Black Friday Sale


Any plans on a Black Friday sale?

Would love to advance my character but the warp portal sale is so aweful it makes me want to spend my money on a low cost index fund.

Is there anything game321 can offer to spice up this usually frivolous holiday?

Correct me if I'm wrong but game321 and warpportal have the same events afaik. But ye, black friday "sale" coming up tomorrow.
-S24 warpportal / S13 game321


Not in the past. Game 321 has created some other unique charge events.

Last year around this time they had some holiday ones in addition to the running sale that was unique to their charging portal


zodiac card had better stat than dark priest so why have to charge ?
and why have to buy rotar evo when cant afford to buy the rotar transform card hmm..


But for the record, game 321 doesn’t pick the items or pieces for game321. It comes from warpportal.
However game321 could do another charge reward event or spin event.


Didn't know that they have separate events.

Seriously though, both cards from charging 20k, 1 month apart
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-S24 warpportal / S13 game321


Yeah that’s even worse comparing them

The other unique cards that have been offered on the Philipine and Indonesian servers are way better though. Not sure why we are just now seeing them, but whatever...

As for separate events. They had an additional charge event around Christmas and the reward was a Santa card. 10% magic damage or 25% critical chance for footgear.

Event was unique to game321, I couldn’t get it on my warpportal account.

So they definitely can do it.
Also the spin event was unique to game321


i think santa card rumour also got from charge event and my guess at least have to charge 20k diamond at least. No nice card free in this game . So for free player forget to be strong just enjoy the game doing dailies and waiting for nice free event.


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