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League of Angel Hack Tool stil exist as unknown file load

see the game was play by diamond cheater here therefore the event winning also tycoon can reach easiily afterward just for harrassing and else.
so please get crack the tool update for player enjoy the game

sample picture :
2018-9-25 13:27

this can't made you as a king or president of the world this game
for my opinion see this picture that just seen after tycoon end at: Screenshot_2018-09-25 League of Angels - ub6

i cannot provide the link was to download the engine but for example this event picture after tycoon end they get points, for what? its end up train to buy resources and looks like so cruel to the one already did for resources tycoon, very ashamed

Screenshot_2018-09-25 League of Angels - ub6 - cm - jpg.jpg
2018-9-25 13:32

please all support and technical fix from this engine!! !! to stop and banned permanently witn name of nocturna for knight sake!! !

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