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WHY DO I HATE CHINA??? To those chinese ppl in GS forum

Some ppl asked me why I hate China most, Now I am here to clarify the main reasons why I hate Chinese!!!
These are the negative things I often read about China in newspapers and other news sources in the last few years:

1.Animal abuse and horrible treatment of animals, poaching animals for medicine or ivory, or something else that seems completely wrong.
2.Chinese Communist Party corruption.
3.Cashed-up Chinese people buying all the property in western countries. A lot of people only single out China when they say the term “foreign investment”.
4.Chinese tourists destroying expensive artwork in art galleries or ignoring ‘Do Not Touch’ signs when they’re sightseeing at special buildings.
5.Bullying tactics in the South China Sea to dubiously claim territory.
6.China is not willing to do anything about North Korea.
7.Chinese cities are so polluted that you can see the pollution from space. People get sick from the pollution etc. etc.
8.Non-Chinese citizens being jailed in China for corporate crimes and nobody knows what has happened to them.

And the list goes on. There is a lot of negative press for me about China.
Another major reason why I hate China is because of the recent history of the country. For people who study 20th century history, you would know the Chinese communist party were really evil and backwards.

This is what I was taught at school in UK about the beginnings of the Chinese communist party:

1.They were peasants who wanted everyone to be poor.
2.They tried to develop too fast in ‘The Great Leap Forward’, resulting in the deaths of millions from starvation.
3.After that they had a cultural revolution which was targeting intellectuals and people who were thought to be enemies of the state. Throwing away thousands of years of history. Mass persecution, sentencing people to hard labour and various other tortures.
4.After super killer Mao died and his successor opened China to world trade. Happy times.
5.Tiananmen Square. The iconic image of the man standing with a shopping bag in front of the tanks. The Chinese army opened fire at the protestors. Totalitarian government bad; freedom good.
6.Robbed HongKong from British by force in year 1997
In concludsion,
China, A bloody and brainwashed nation without any hope! Red evil dragon gonna go hell
I wish those poor brainwashed chinese guys could read me.

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