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Lab 8 Seyren's Illusion


We're having a little trouble on this guy. Gets halfway and he changes modes but not sure what to do.

Any tips or tricks for killing this boss without burning tons of yggs?


Class? of your party also.

My hunter can solo lab 8 (takes 20mins tho). Avoid aoe. If lag, wear angeling. The aoe is the only difference after you dmg it to a certain hp percentage as far as i noticed. Mind the reset zone. That's all the tip I could give. Good luck.
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Nice, I might have to check out your hunter one day =)

I'm a sin and rest of party is also melee range. We will try again, haven't really had a chance to try with a party because of different play times. We still need to kill Bug Queen as well


yes lab 8 is really not that hard, just take care of aoe.


Yeah, I was just trying to face tank it like Valk. Gonna use hit and run


At half health it throws an aoe  about every 30 sec on whoever has aggro... just walk out of it a ways and then attack again. rinse and reapeat... the reset zone is about the 3rd row of squares from outside edge dont go past that or it could reset.
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