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Endless Tower Floor34


we are just stuck on this floor and want to know if anyone was able to beat it yet?
We tried out alot, killing the Tirfing, but heals full while it kills us easily. Running back and forth didnt work either because of the healing. The boss cant be pulled out of damage zone because his agro range is too small and also pulls us to him. We might have missed the right thing to do yet, so maybe anyone could help us?

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    We're stuck on the same floor as well and would like to add we tried with 3 range(hunters), 1magic(priest) and nothing seems to work. Damage to the tirfings were only 1 per attack that heals it right back. No safe zone from the tirfing's aoe that you can pull or damage the boss from (picture from link)--attacking from the little nook by the fire, north of boss resets it. No damage reduction also from the tirfing aoe as far as we've tried (removed alice+gtb and it has the same dmg). Casting Kyrie doesn't reduce dmg from aoe as well.


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