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Maintenance Notice June 11th

Dear players,  % V% f0 l" P6 c8 t1 B& H3 P
/ f9 L( P8 b/ K2 L. [
There will be a server maintenance on Monday, June 11th at 01:00 (PDT). All servers will be inaccessible for approximately half an hour. Please log off beforehand to avoid any loss. We apologize for any inconvenience." w9 T4 B! Y1 u* b- u, h7 O
3 c/ Y! i7 U1 d# M/ [
Bug Fix:* q$ C. c9 b( x9 b3 Q5 S/ @3 Q
1. Fix the bug of Eclipse Feather which did not drop out before.
7 T! g- S( X1 W, L2 W* N2. Add new Gemini Cards3 B7 D1 \8 D# A" k  `. b3 J" R! V
+ m7 A$ g7 n4 r4 n
Our Facebook:  6 p2 p% I* {; h% ~4 X
Our website: http://ro.game321.com5 ^* m3 D& p( U1 s1 `- e9 J
Our Support:; s2 g1 U8 K% a1 o

* N9 E* d0 h3 o" N% y

Ragnorak Journey Operation Team3 j- c$ {; |, V# @. s  p  ~; o
June 10th, 2018

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