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Version Update Notice

Dear players,
4 W; I# B9 e4 C8 r9 B- z. m8 f  K) w' k, e  y# \+ ~
There will be a version update lately for a better game experience. Please pay attention to the notice for the specific time.
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Update:   X+ ^. d5 ~7 W
1.New Levels
* j/ V. {5 C( I& p( E1)Increased the character level limit to Lv.180 and the job level limit to Lv.150. " |2 u8 O; k5 i/ K& t' k
2)A maximum of 150 points can be added to AGI, DEX and Luck.
1 y( s0 {3 H2 w. o# R8 k- Q9 V
1 B7 v6 B- A! {# F. }' a1 Y2.New 3rd Job Change
& E' e5 u( \. w, C1)Swordsman -> Rune Knight, Mage -> Warlock, Archer -> Ranger, Thief -> Guillotine Cross, Acolyte -> Arch Bishop and Merchant -> Mechanic7 v3 [7 ?4 H& H9 u
2)Added 3rd job change skills.
0 S5 U  `! ^# C3)Added 3rd job change class mounts: Savu Dragon, Morad PecoPeco, Lazaro Chocobo, Karian Jackal, Tyrell Pegasus and Kercia Gryphon.
3 s% E; h# O0 `4 m/ J
/ Y) `% g" L8 Y' J3 J3.New Maps" d: f2 E2 ^. i' b( T
1) Added new World Maps: Midgard Camp and Odin Temple.( B( y: V9 X+ b7 |! I
2)Added the World Monsters: Skogul, Frus, Skeggiold Black, Skeggiold and Lost Dragon. 0 h  o) L1 `: J6 j/ c( `3 y) v, {4 N

! {5 I! j% ?6 s2 |3 m3 B! j4.New Features. 6 I4 X( W2 Q/ @1 y6 X1 x
1)Added the Endless Tower Challenge.3 X4 r0 u# n5 d# v, o- V( w
2)Added dungeons: Pyramid Chamber and Somatology Laboratory Floor 8.6 e: J' Y$ L) h
3)Unlocked Floors 71-75 for the Challenge Dungeon.3 o) K" z# S% y: {, Q" w0 R
4)Added the equipment enchantment feature. (It is said the legendary blacksmith in Payon mastered an ability to further strengthen equipment from some ancient coins. Warriors, go check it out.)
) K9 \5 t0 j! O- c* t* q# X
5 R5 @2 r5 Q0 a2 ~5.Others
: s7 t" J/ B# }1 {: P; B0 g1)Added Alien World main quests.
! a: a$ [( p1 l0 l' |2)Added the 8-Star Lv.1 pet: Valkyrie.
, I9 ^6 p$ E8 H# ]) h3)Added new items: Elementary Mora Coin, Intermediate Mora Coin, Advanced Mora Coin and 2nd Job Change Skill Book.
9 C: \% f  R  T* h0 l
2 w* A9 Y% ~/ Z9 @- P2 Q# D" b0 l2 c5 Q1 \

Ragnarok Journey Operation team
+ h6 f8 \; |: o) SMay 23, 2018

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