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Headgear c0mpotion card

Is it really that hard to acomplish 1 set of hat ?
Need eclipse drop in every set of headgear, and do GM realized how many monster eclipse in 1 server ? just 1 piece of monster in each channel z.z.z.
Not stop until there, we need to c0llect that rare drop from eclipse for 15 , 40 , etc  just for 1 headgear c0llection hahahaha.....
Some of c0mpotion get from event , hope not charge event like diamond ring @.@

The Eclipse drop is not ingame yet so collect some other items for now
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Nice info dude , so I can move from that spot for now ^^V


lol that would have been really helpful to know some weeks ago xD At least it's a nice dust farming spot


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