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Costume Hat Bugs?

Hello GMs,

can you please check the "feather" drop, which is needed for 4 of the new costume hats. A total amount of 105 is needed per player to make the 4 hats. Since 4 days (or was it 5 yet?) server 1 got at least not a single feather drop. If this is going on like this every single person might need at least 5*105 days to get all 4 hats, which means 525 days. This is about 1.5 years. And only IF a feather drops each 5 days, which we cant say yet. Maybe it just drops every 10 days, we dont know the drop chance.

There is just one eclipse per channel which we can farm. So the dropchance should be 2-5%? Hard to estimate for me.

Please check that out GMs


inb4 Bignutt

I agree, it doesn’t seem to drop feathers. Changing the mob,  if that’s even possible, to lunatic would help immensely.

The hats are just too dang cute and we want to make them. And this crafting line with feather is the people’s favorite.


I agree and disagree with some of this. One of the biggest problems in this game is that the drop % is far too high. MVP cards for example should be a rare drop just like normal RO. The hats should remain at low % to give something for people to aim for and will therefore help the market which will help free to play players. On this issue with eclipse feathers I think this should remain however probably reduce the required amount needed to a reasonable amount to craft.


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Regarding the pet upgrades the MVP Cards drops are fine in my opinion. A level 4 pet like Marin needs 450 Soul of Card. There are at least 4 pets I would max out, which means 1800 soul of card are needed. And I dont include level 5 pets in my math yet.

Also you need MVP cards for upgrading your cards to +13 one day. Can just guess its 100 per +13 card. For a sin there are 29 cards to upgrade to +13, makes another 2900 Soul of card.

So without level 5 pets at least 4700 soul of cards = MVP cards are needed to max ONE char out with +13 cards and level 4 pets.

Lets assume you get 8 MVP cards a day on average, you would need 587,5 days without buying them for ONE char.
Edit: Of course there are more cards which drop so that multiple chars can upgrade all in 19 months. Not like with eclipse where the total drops was just for one single char.

Edit 2: Lol I just counted MVP cards to upgrade, now its correct.

So IN MY OPINION that is fine.


And you are forgetting the success rate, that implies you need a lot more items to actually get them...


Still no single drop from Eclipse. Are you GMs even reading this thread?


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