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Congratz to Dice, Piloto, Suyo and co

Hey guys,

thank you for that awesome bashing in xwoe hehe. We from S1/S12 lost the first time and wow you were really powerful, well prepared with lots of people and also adjusting your tactics during the fight.

Well done guys! We are looking forward for the next time we meet and we are pretty excited to find a way to beat you again.

Regards and congratulations from S1/S12 from Sense Guild

Cheers (if genuine)


Of course it is


Great to fight you again guys. GG

Farewell to you Hush and great to have one last fight against you


Haha thanks Suyo although that was more like a buldozer than a fight
Wish you the best and have fun guys


Well, looks like I have to take all back since Suyo aka Med spied on our server. Anyway, if you guys want to visit Sense, join the discord server and tell who you are. Win fair or not, thats well thats up to you and shows alot about your personality imo.


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This game needs a way to make sure who is who @GMS


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