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"disgusting sense guild"? Cute! Even if Hush did plan that what you've said, you are putting every single guild member together?

I bet you are one of those few Hush kicked, or who she did not supported because you did wrong to her.

Yeha, we of Sense guild are so disgusting, we are even having some fanboy-trolls.

I know Hush had two stalkers in this game, you might be one of those. Which one are you?


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Lol funny , they dont deny charge exploit and again DISGUSTING SENSE GUILD...acting like the victim and taking the moral high ground lol .your guildmster  Steph aka Hush call people cowardly when she tried to do something worse..having her reported did a great service for game321


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It's funny you think that would have happened. You are overestimating your value alot.
And Hush is not Stephanie_Hawk and never was.

Oh and I recommend to don't spread real life names here. Especially not of european citizens. GDPR, iLuv.


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#1   It would have happened and  definitely ,the reports that was sent had chat logs of Hush and other guildmembers on with the plan,once again it was only stopped because she was reported

#2 Knowing Hush's real name as Steph wont get me in trouble udner Eu law because I knew about it LOOOONNNGGGG before it was implemented, i had her name  when she was still buying game accounts in RO. warportal (another illegal action of your guildmaster)

Your guildmaster acts like shes a victim , a good person and people pulling strings against her lol. when shes doing worse and pretends they never happend


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You know, what defamation is? Hush never bought game accounts. You got her name from DiscoPanda, who she trustet and wanted to help with her baby coming. So she bought an item, not any account. And yea she told everyone what she did and also reportet herself for it that time to warpportal. Because she got it, that it was wrong.

Even before GDPR spreading someones personal information in the internet is vs the law. Defamation also. And stalking as well! Too bad warpportal did nothing vs iLuvSayOo on server 6 who spreaded her real life name. Which she never gave to him. She reportet him of course that time.

Some months ago someone even made a char on S1 , game321 with her full real life name. Thats more stalking than anything else. Not to talk about the rape threats she got via facebook. So how about stopping to stalk her now finally? It's been almost a year since she left her old server. Let it go and remove any real life names here.

We assume you are iLuvSayOo or HitSS aka Rejected. How did HitSS lost all of his equipment? Did he (you?) sell it? Making new equip via slot opener looks even more suspicious.


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