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S18 Released

Dear players,, t3 M6 w8 W% _' E: d: z

; E/ m; v) I" Q5 ^, r5 O. IWe are glad to launch Ragnarok Journey S18-Moonlight at 18:00 (PST) on February 13th, 2018. We also prepared a variety of activities. Join us now for more surprises and friends!5 q" A6 W" D2 R
: Z$ S/ B- ^/ R
New Server Event: }3 w% e  W& ^+ R/ B3 M
( V+ B9 F: F: z7 D
Our Facebook: _/ e* k/ U1 O! `3 c9 y; B" B1 S
Our website:' a2 c, E5 F/ _) Q2 s
Our Support:
1 f5 C: l  ?; C8 W4 F. {; d5 `; P* _8 F4 f

. a* v1 B8 C( T- r8 w

Ragnarok Journey Operation team
% ?3 z. S4 {! \5 CFebruary 12th, 2018

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