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Lag And Freeze

Dear GM,

after this new update i always got freeze screen and cant join battle, aftre my screen freeze i always have to restart the browser to join again, otherweis i cant join because it got freeze again after loading, please fix this issue, thanks man and keep up the good work.

It might ur PC problem lol


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just try this : login at again at home not forum and tru to wait after the white screen appear then click full screen this must do at full screen and for PC turn to power saver for hardware acceleration also check your browser cache to clean.
Also for taken pic just use feedback tools for PC
see this pic below:

after do the full screen then press esc to see your char was there in white screen then see this pic:

YOURS TRULY, for pc use all recommended app like intel no cheat, also use hardware monitor to see overclocking temp but for the best browser is fox i use chrome for youtube not game and IE just wont work anymore for more lightened is safari.

sincerelly yours,
with my best regards:
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