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can anyone help me

Post Last Edited by powerer at 2017-8-18 04:56

can anyone tell me how will i trow away my extra heroes mounts and angels or send it to alt
or can we smelt our extra angels heroes fairy or mounts

athena icon, polar bear soul and justice summoning rock are available at hot events to swap it and ends today at 8/19/2017 for smelting i don't know it depends what to smelt at smelting event perhaps you buy many enchanted ore to swap in smelting then swa/send  hero to alt it's never be happen sorry they had their own heroes themself
ub6 rohatos -114 Rellgra


The longer you play the game the more inventory you will gather, some hand for a rainy day some not so much, just use caution when smelting etc as sometimes you can throw away something that you may later need


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