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How To Manage Alt

Seems lot of Player were anxious to make other char instead what already had for example as warrior wanna know about Hunter.
So this what you should do to managa those in one app client..(but this client was made by 321 for R2 games) not in browser.
Just login into client then click manage alt icon at left top client and login too to other account, so they seeing each other!
see this pic:

2017-8-14 08:45

and your both account sees at same region, you can hug each other   lol!
so i was wondering if 321 make same loke R2 client too that would be easy instead use two different kind of browser and always clean cache! for notification client doesnt need clean if you do so it will stack your cache doesnt appear at browser cleaner it depends on server!

Hope this were Helpful

sincerelly yours,
ub6 rohatos -114 Rellgra

notes: if you want play both of them in one client it can't be done for both only one account has been manage as alt so is recommended for you to close main account before playing the alt account then just close alt account if you want to back to your main account!! !

with best regards,
ub6 rohatos -114 Rellgra


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