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(Rewards Sent) Next Person

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Rules: Make an assumption and let the next player to answer it according to the actual situation. The player will also need to make another assumption and let the next player to answer it. Please don’t forget to add your nickname and server name.  

Duration: Oct. 11-Oct.14
Rewards: Blessed Gems*2,  Artifact Souls*2

You: Next person’s favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory.
In game name: Mary
Sever: S1

The next: True/ False, my favorite TV show is Vampire Diary.
Next person is sleepy,he spent the past whole night playing this interesting game.  
In game name: Sonigti
Sever: S2

1.Every ID can only claim rewards once.
2.To join the event, your answer must be made in this thread.
3. The final interpretation right is reserved by Game321.

MU Classic Operation Team
Oct. 11

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With kind regards,

next person's favorite PS4 game is resident evil 6
in game name: lightning
server: S121


False, I never played PS4, so no fav. game.
Next person is playing browser mu because of mu 0.97 memories.
In game name: SchepsisBK
Sever: S171


False, i never played mu b4 because there lots of online games that has good gameplay i played mu because pokie ninja was closed and i played this game because this is the first good browser games before.
Next person likes good PC set-up.
In game name: DarkFire
Server: s1 lorencia


True, I like a good computer to can play a lot of accounts Mu classic .
Next person like League of Legends .
In game name : [ToNy]
Server : 193 Gordon


False, I like to play Dota2
Next person just found out about this event just like me
In game name: [13]MG-PAGAN
Sever: S13 Crywolf


True,  i was checking this weekend events just now
Next person has multiple MU game accounts
In game name: Suri
Sever: S13 Crywolf


True, I have a lot of friends
Next person has ended a relationship with her/his girl/boy friend
In game name: LordCarlos
Server: S71 Royal gem


True, that happened 6 years ago LOL
Next person is a addict when it comes to MU Classic
IGN: Simone
Server: 63


True, but it is better than drug addiction.
The next person is having problem on what to say next.
IGN: Souliel
Server: 128 - Jadeite


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