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[Forum Event] New heroes you got?

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Hi, what new heroes did you get these days? Do they have awesome skills/collaboration Skills? Please show us, we would like to know that.

[Duaration]: March 1 to March 5

[How to participate]:                               
Reply this post and tell us your name & server.
Reply format:               

I am XXX from S1-Hunting Forest, I got some new heroes nowadays... etc.

(Please double check the IGN and server, or Reward may not be able to sent out successfully.)

[Reward]: Food Box(L)*8, Gold Miner's Kit*8

1. All posts must be based on your own performance and must include your correct server and character name. You must not copy other’ s work. If found, you will be disqualified from this event;
2. Each character can redeem the reward once. Each forum account corresponds to one in-game character;       
3. Posts must not contain pornographic and other inappropriate contents. If found, you will be asked to modify your post. If your post is not modified before the deadline, then the post will be disqualified for the prize;
4. Rewards will be sent within 3 business days after the event;
5. The final interpretation rights of this event are reserved by the Pixel Hero operation team.

Edit: Rewards had been sent out to all participant.
How would you rate the support you received?

With kind regards,

Hi im SassyDiamond from S07-Takoyaki,

my latest hero is Gregoire. He is a leaderclass (gold) hero with the skill Monster Age. That means he has got 6% chance to cause a crit, dealing 150% unavoidable damage. And he also increases my Defense Level by 5 points. I dismissed him because i needed some honor shards



Hi i am QuantKing from S1-Hunting Forest
not latest but on this week
Code C (by via arena)
and result i obtain collaboration Skills - Cute Warriors

Last recruitet - Stick Man - sold (dismissed)


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hi im Geege from S1-Hunting Forest
my lasted new hero is Bill a legendary hero(from saga hero pack)
nothing special about him so i dismissed him


Hi im BrilliantTwist from S12-Shampoo,

my latest hero is Okumuha Jin, legendary hero (purple) with the skill Satan Fire. He has 12% chance to release his power when my CP is less than 30%, causing 40% damage of my lost CP. I haven't dismissed it bcz i like it, but he's not in my team


hi Rimuru here from S14 - Shampoo

Just did a 10 random pulls today and all of them r normal ones so i dismissed them. (yay more hero shards!)


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