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Global Strike Improvements/Suggestion MUST READ!

As a Gamer Perspective of Global Strike, I would like to suggest game improvements to make Global Strike even more entertain able and playable..
Due to this, I would like to suggest an improvement which is:

Adding Achievements into the game, where their is a separate page where you can unlock achievements...

Also, once you unlock the achievement than the amount of achievements should save in your stats profile and also, their should be different achievements made in the game.

On the other hand, another way to improve Global Strike is by allowing members to see other members Profile, Stats so you could get to know what skill they have and also, it is a better way to finding out if anybody is cheating etc...

In addition to this, I hope the Global Strike Developers Like this suggestion and hopefully get to Improve the game in a couple of months time...

Lol you think they care???


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