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Cross Server in S191

I'm level 40 and yet i seem can't join the cross server.... i always queue for hours and still no response...

i want to know why... even in CS Team Arena... we can't find a team in Cross server... thank you

S191 - AldubYOU vip4

Reply 1# ralindo123

    Cross Server War does not work on Game321 CST servers - hasn't done for months now - they wont change anything because it works fine on GTArcade. Just something we have all learned to accept unfortunately


If there is no other player in your level rank queuing the same time, you will fail to join. Please try queue other time, if you still have problem, please let me know.
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im lv42 now and still cant enter Cross Server....


Reply 4# ralindo123

    Read the reply from Less above


Reply 3# gm023

    Nobody on game321 CST servers can get into Cross Server War and haven't been able to for atleast 2-3 months no matter how many people join the queue. It started getting harder and harder to get into a battle ever since they did the split with the servers for Team Tournament etc and the issue has been raised on several occasions and have been told each time because other platforms like GTArcade don't have an issue with getting battles then they wont change anything.


same here for S3 Claudia ub17 Server. Since over 3 Month no Cross Server going. Not for Level 100 Player and not for lvl 69 Player, nothing is going.
Europe S3-Claudia (ud4)


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