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[Forum Event] Video Collection

The first official video collection event starts.
Your video could be an in-game battle, or anything about the game, such as your own battle tricks, strategies, weapon introduction etc.
Make a video and share your game experience to win rich rewards.

Duration: Feb. 3-Feb. 12, 2015
Rewards: 1 M4A1Gold(48 hr), 8,000 GP and 1 Basic XP Card (72 hr)
How to participate:
Video Name:
Youtube Link:

Event Rules:
1. Please reply in the event post or your post will be regarded as invalid.
2. Your account information will be used to receive the event reward. Please make sure you provide the correct in-game name and server name.
3.All works must be original.
4.We will select some of the best works and reward the maker.
5. The final interpretation rights of this event are reserved by game321.
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