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bubby45701@aol. Post at 2014-6-6 12:18

【Solving】Vip Priviledges bug

[i=s] Post Last Edited by gm003 at 2014-6-9 08:26 [/i]

The vip priviledge's are now showing right I am vip 4 but it is only giving me VIP1 priviledge's.

gm023 Post at 2014-6-6 21:15

what is your account, sever, in game name?

bubby45701@aol. Post at 2014-6-8 15:06

IGN: YamaJuugo
Server: Jeet Kunt Do

gm003 Post at 2014-6-9 03:19

OK, will check out

gm003 Post at 2014-6-9 03:26

Yes, a little bug here will fix it as soon as possible. Sorry for the invenience this caused.


joelmch Post at 2014-6-14 06:16

It's been few days already since this issue. Can I get an update to this by any chance? [img][/img]

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