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vega_ Post at 2014-6-3 01:19

【Solved】Half cut screen bug

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I've been trying to get into the game... but I can't create a character.... so I don't have any IGN yet.. :c


shun00 Post at 2014-6-3 01:53

got same pblm T.T

tearju Post at 2014-6-3 02:01

me too

avalerin Post at 2014-6-3 02:24

fix: press middle mouse button (outside game window), scroll to bottom, i already posted wrong placement of game

mcsage Post at 2014-6-3 02:33

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Name: KingWolfei
server: Jeet Kunt Do

Same here, but i'm on my laptop, doesn't have that.

avalerin Post at 2014-6-3 02:39

Go to:

control Panel -> Mouse -> Device Settings

and click there on ' Settings... ' button. Choose from the list ' Buttons ' and You will find there control on all actions of touchpad buttons. select button for middle for a while and done ;p

mcsage Post at 2014-6-3 02:55

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Idk, i can scroll now, but i still have that problem, the scroll bar at first didnt exist, now it just stops to short


avalerin Post at 2014-6-3 03:17

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just scroll further if you can? don't look at bar , because as you said at beginning it doesn't exist:p if can't that up to devs to fix heh, can try  ctrl+ or ctrl- , warring it make your game screen smaller or larger, game is good at resolutions larger then 1024x768, mean like 1400x900 ;) maybe less.
Just tried at weaker computer, just scoll down, don't look at bar its broken, you can scroll down as much as you want, mean it will stop where it should

gm003 Post at 2014-6-3 03:28

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Please post the bug here to win the rewards



joelmch Post at 2014-6-7 12:34

I got lost here. What rewards will players get? It's not listed anywhere? [img][/img]

gm003 Post at 2014-6-9 04:07

please check here


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